Bespoke and Custom Tailoring

Studio Shirts offer a wide range of bespoke, custom and ready to wear shirts to suit your tailored looks whether it’s a formal event, smart casual occasions or business as usual. Unsure what you need, or why you should go bespoke? Find out the best type of tailored shirt for you.
Why bespoke? For the utmost care, attention to detail and the highest quality, a bespoke shirt will be uniquely yours for years to come. With the help of the highly experienced tailors at Studio Shirts, not only will your measurements be taken correctly down to the very last millimetre, you’ll be able to determine your preferred fit - whether it be slim, tapered or relaxed.
We start your bespoke shirt from scratch. Match your tastes to your preferred fabric, pattern and colour and opt for trimmings in collar type, cuffs, buttons and more. Best of all - next time you come back, your measurements will be right where you left them.
Whatever your body type, shape or height, for business, formal or casual wear, Studio Shirts will ensure your next shirt is your best.
Why go custom? A step above alterations and the tier below bespoke shirts - opting for a custom shirt will allow you to assemble all your favourite parts of a shirt into your desired creation.
Like a certain firmness to your collar? Need to make room for your wrist watch beneath your cuff? Choose from our vast range of premium European fabrics in an array of timeless colours and prints to suit your taste.   
For whatever occasion, we align your perfect size and fit with all your favourite trims and hand-finished extras for the ideal tailored shirt - yours for years to come.  
Discuss your dream shirt with us, and we’ll make it happen.