Ready-Made Selection


Studio Shirts works closely with alike European manufacturers to tailor bespoke shirts that compliment all body types, shapes and heights. Our client is availed to constellations of intricate and unique fabrics, patterns, and colours, achieving a remarkable experience and product - assuring superior comfort and desired elegance.
In our ready-made selection, modification will remain vastly available in aspects of collar types, cuffs, buttons and more.
Studio Shirts Custom made


Tailored Trousers
Here at Studio Shirts, we boast a vast panel of ready-made Men’s trousers, all tailor made in association with our european manufacturers.
If you haven’t the opportunity to experience our custom tailored trousers, our ready-made selection will surely outstand in formal or office environments.
Diversity of colour, fabric, and shape, in conjunction to availability of specific alterations, makes Studio Shirt’s ready-made Men’s trousers unique and valuable.
Tailored Trousers
Tailored Chinos
Studio Shirts offers an array of finely tailored Mens chinos, stylistically adaptable to all wardrobe choices.
Our clients are availed to a wide variety of contemporary colours for a personalised physical expression. Studio Shirts is all about our clients’ comfort, thus, modifications including trimming and waist adjustments will be an option for all Men.
With their relaxed fit, tapered design and distinct pocket cut, our chinos make the perfect addition to any Man's wardrobe.
Tailored Chinos
At Studio Shirts, we understand the spontaneity of formal events; this is why we boast an exquisite selection of ready-made suits.
Each suit is tailored offshore, manifesting merino super 120’s wool - clients will appreciate the look, feel, fit and comfort of these meticulously tailored suits. In their intricate composition, our suits do not fail to express phasing elegance and distinguishing appeal.
All ready-made suits, here at Studio Shirts, can be optimised in moments from purchase, so that they may wear our client's body in a manner which maximises comfort and charm for the succeeding event.