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Here at Studio Shirts, our 3rd generation learned tailors work intently in the areas of time, measurement and optimisation. Swiftly, thus, do our tailors engender bespoke shirts for our clients which fit with distinct precision, ensuring superior comfort. These conventions entail a slim, tapered, or relaxed product - in accordance with the client's preference.

Additional personal optimisations will ensue, engendering garments of intricately personalised collar types, cuffs, buttons, pleats, breast pockets, fits and more. These specifications are vast and meticulous, thus, Studio Shirts will archive all preceding measurements - essentially, ensuring that clients will have seamless future experiences when they come back for more!

Our tailors pride and distinguish themselves in their time of design and production. After our client meets his or her tailor, time will measure no longer than 24-hours before they receive their freshly-fabricated personalised bespoke shirt.

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Business Suits

Studio Shirts is rightfully renowned for their tailored suits - intricacy and ultra-care in the fabrication process do well to assume this title.

Here, our advanced digital software, learned tailors, and embodiment of proper methodology which essences client desire, results in a suit which manifests each thread as an amalgamation of tangible excellence.

The assigned tailor will commence this magnificent experience by intently exploring each expressed desire of the client. As our client envisages the constellations of patterns, colours, and remarkably sourced fabrics for their suit, their tailor will orchestrate a series of purposeful measurements.

Further options and customisations will be elaborately explored between the client and his or her tailor, emerging a day clear expression of their imagined, preferred and personalised suit. The thread of plausibility is drawn distant by our tailors, as personalisation can vary from the number of buttons on the suit, to the appearance of the lapels, the style and shape of the pockets, and as far as to the addition of vents and pleats if desired.

The quality and intricacy of our custom suits is illuminated by our learned tailors and their conspicuous process. Don’t take our word for it, just ask for a tour of the tailors workshop and see for yourself!

For a seamless experience, our tailors anticipate meeting with their client 5-8 weeks prior to their delegated event - contact or meet with our tailors for precise and definite time recommendations to avoid mishaps.

At Studio Shirts, we will overlook a tapestry of entirely personalised threads, ensuring they untie to compose a sublime two-piece or three-piece suit, which will flourish in a wedding, corporate, red carpet or any other formal event.

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