There’s no better occasion to be measured for a flawless bespoke suit than on your own wedding day. Studio Shirts offer constellations of prestigious fabrics, patterns, and shapes to engender the perfect and ideal tailored suit for your wedding day.

No idea where to start? No problem. Our tailors have engaged with the joys and anxieties of this unique experience. They will ensure your suit will directly compliment any style of wedding you’re having. To the guests, and to your dear bride, your pride, happiness, and pristine elegance will be manifest in your personalised, intricately tailored suit.

Studio Shirt wedding suit

At Studio Shirts, our tailors anticipate meeting with their client at least 8 weeks prior to the big day - this will account for flexibility and circumstance. Whether it’s black tie or cocktail, it’s your day, and we want you (and your groomsmen) to look as best as you feel.

Make an appointment to discuss your wedding suit needs with the Studio Shirts team today, and experience this truly unique event in a physical manner that only our remarkable craftsmen can provide.